Who Are Galacteco?

We cannot hide it - the inspiration for our company name came from the owners love of football. We took the name from the "Galacticos" era at Spanish Football Club, Real Madrid CF, and our focus on making businesses as eco-friendly as possible and combined the two together. By merging our outside interests together with one of our main business ideals, Galacteco Consulting was formed.

Galacteco are building our operation with one specific ambition - To be the absolute best at what we do. Any client who uses Galacteco for utilities procurement will receive unrivalled service and a comprehensive market search with products and contracts that most consultancies cannot offer. Our success is measured solely on the satisfaction and happiness of our clients and making sure that we can deliver on everything they require.

With years of experience in the commercial energy sector, we are perfectly placed to offer an independent consultancy service that covers al bases. From large manufacturers to hospitality and even grass roots sports clubs, we have all the tools at hand to provide an elite bespoke approach to any businesses procurement requirements.

Our Aims.

Our main aim is provide our customers with a "best in class" service, giving our clients complete peace of mind.

Each element of the procurement process will be fully visible to our clients so they are aware of exactly how we obtain the prices and offers that we get from our suppliers. Every business is treated individually, with a specific approach undertaken relating not only to their industry, but to their exact request.

Our Values.

The ethos of our business is to offer a personal, tailored approach to each customer with complete disclosure of any commission earned.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to order to guarantee that all of our clients are 100% satisfied.

We only submit contracts when our clients have agreed to each contractual element - everything we undertake is at the express permission of our customers. We will NEVER advise on anything that isn't in our clients best interest, both for their business and for them financially.

Green Procurement

As we head towards net zero organisations are looking to green procurement, mainly to reduce their emissions. Green procurement is essential for some business to maintain their current place on supply chains. Not all suppliers who offer tariffs marketed as “green” or “100% renewable” actually source their supply from renewable sources. The eco-friendly terms used to market various tariffs can be misleading. We make sure to let each customer know whether their supply is fully green, REGO backed or carbon neutral - we can let every customer know what the exact fuel mix is on their supply.

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