Electricity and Gas

With our large supplier portfolio, we are able to offer a range of contract options. Whether it is  fully-fixed contracts that provide budget certainty or flexible buying arrangements with monthly energy trades, our team has you covered. Our staff and our company partners have unrivalled experience in the energy industry and we give our clients a complete walk-through of all options available and what contract solutions suit their operation best.

With the ability to obtain quotes from twenty-plus suppliers, we are well placed to ensure that all of our procurement proposals are extremely cost effective. Our SME clients even have access to "buying baskets" buy opting in to a flexible purchase strategy that includes some of the UK's highest profile businesses and facilities. 

We conduct frequent analysis of wholesale market reports that we receive in order to identify peak buying times for our clients - both the electric and gas wholesale markets are volatile and change multiple times daily. Every aspect of our procurement process is all about minimising risks and ensuring our clients costs are as low as possible as well as offering renewable sourced fuels.

Broadband & Telephone

Our fixed line and broadband offering is a fantastic way for business to streamline their utilities portfolio and have it managed all under one roof. We able to secure extremely low prices for fibre broadband packages as well as offering unlimited landline and mobile calls if they are required.

Our telecoms services are tailored to meet the needs of every business. With features that can be added and removed at any point, then our clients need look no further for the best bespoke telecoms packages available.

We have a GUARANTEE that we will beat any price that our customers see elsewhere throughout their contract with us. Our clients can also benefit from the possibility of their early termination charges being covered if they are worried about switching from their current provider.

Account Management

We go above and beyond for each and every one of our clients and take pride in our extensive range of professional services. We constantly strive to provide our customers the best possible service and we undertake a number of bespoke projects. If you are struggling to find the time to manage your utilities alongside running your business – we will be more than happy to help.

Customer Service

We always put our focus on our customers. We want you to feel comfortable in dealing with us. Each client has a designated account manager so that they have a single point of contact and nothing is lost in translation - if you have a question about your account, we are only a phone call away.

Bill Validations

It is vital for a business to be completely aware of what it is they are paying for when it comes to utilities. We conduct a quarterly analysis of our customers' bills to ensure they are being charged correctly. You could be entitled to VAT and CCL reclaims and you should only ever pay for what energy you use.


Corporate and Social Responsibility is playing a huge role in business and with the UK's push towards Net-Zero we assist in making our clients as 'green' as possible. From on-site generation projects to REGO backed electricity and green gas, your business can have a positive impact on the environment.

Energy Management

Our customers can benefit from things like KVA reviews and our energy management platform. The ability to management your consumption, see where peak usage occurs and compare site by site efficiency can greatly assist our clients when controlling costs.

Metering & Installations

Through our suppliers and partners we can cover the installation of new electric or gas meters as well as replacement meters. As the world continues to be more sustainable, Galacteco are also able to offer installation of electric vehicle charging points. 

Transparent Procurement

Satisfying customers is our top priority. That’s why we believe in offering fair and transparent prices with no hidden fees or extra charges. At Galacteco, it is all about what contract benefits you - not what benefits us! The choice of contract is always yours.

Our Procurement Process

Before any of our customers accept an offer from one of the proposals we put forward, we take them through every step of our procurement process to obtain them the most cost effective utility solutions.

We request prices from ALL of our suppliers and present our customers with a detailed pricing analysis showing them exactly how their costs have been calculated.

It is the policy of Galacteco Consulting that our clients understand all commodity and non-commodity costs that are associated with their bills prior to signing any contracts with the suppliers we work with.

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