Sports clubs elect to work with Galacteco because of the approach we take - it is the club that matters! With strong sports backgrounds, it is an industry we understand and have a huge passion for helping.

Our approach is simple - how can we generate positive impact within the sport and leisure sector? Finances for clubs at all levels, in all sports, are at a premium and our model enables clubs to grow both on and off the field of play.

Through various channels, we look to provide clubs with an additional revenue stream where this may not be readily available. No matter what level, whether it be professional or amateur, we work to put together a unique agreement focused around what it is the club needs.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

Each club and each sport have different needs. There is no "cut and paste" process when it comes to the sports industry and utilities. Some clubs need sponsorship to assist with running costs, others may want to enhance their sustainability criteria. We have the ability to undertake projects such as solar install, stadium energy audits and LED floodlight replacement. We work hand-in-hand with facility and stadium managers to make sure they are as energy efficient as they could possibly be and their costs are under complete control.


Sponsorship is available to clubs at all levels. Whether it is stadium branding, shirt sponsorship or programme adverts, Galacteco are happy to discuss every option with interested clubs.

Club Partnerships

Engaging in official energy partnerships is a great way for clubs to increase their revenue stream. Galacteco can help clubs build further on their relationships with existing partners or club sponsors.

Fan Engagement

A key element of working alongside clubs is engaging their supporters. We have a supporters platform in place so they can have access to energy savings while also helping aid their clubs growth.


As our relationships with clubs develop, we look to help the club from their grassroots programs upwards. Working with clubs helps us grow our brand and providing assistance in these areas is our way of giving back!

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